In order to further ensure the safety of students while at school, at school-sponsored events, and traveling to and from school, the Wayne County School System will allow students to possess cell phones, pocket pagers, and other electronic communication devices provided they abide by the following school policies regarding their use:

The use of cell phones or pagers in the school building during the instructional school day is strictly prohibited.

The instructional school day is defined as the time period between a student’s arrival on campus and the final dismissal bell for students. The instructional day includes breakfast and lunch periods, breaks, restroom breaks, and class changes.

Cell phones/pagers should be turned OFF during the instructional school day and should be stored in a locker, backpack, purse, pocket, or another place where it is not visible during the school day.

At no time should students carry an exposed cell phone or pager.

Violation of the above rules will result in the following:

First Offense: Confiscation of device including the “SIM Card” for one week

Second Offense: Confiscation of device for two weeks

Third Offense: Confiscation of device for three weeks

Following the Third Offense: At the discretion of the principal

Parents should continue to call the school for ANY emergency situation. School administrators will contact your son/daughter. Parents are asked to refrain from contacting students by cell phone or pager during the school day.

The school system is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic signaling devices.