STUDENT DRESS: All students are expected to dress in a neat and attractive manner that reflects pride in themselves and their school. Generally, students should wear clothes which are safe, do not disturb or distract other students, and are appropriate for learning. County Wide Dress code requirements include the following:

Hats should be removed when in the school building. This applies to boys and girls.

Cleats, taps, or wheelies are not to be worn.

Holes in jeans, pants, shorts, etc…will not be allowed

No hats, caps, bandanas, or sunglasses will be worn inside the building.

No writing on the ‘seat’ of apparel. No apparel should be worn with vulgar or degrading remarks.

No pajamas.

No shorts or skirts shorter than two inches above the knee.

Tennis shoes are required for students to participate on Physical Education days for safety reasons.

Hair color should be in the range of natural colors.

No visible body piercings with the exception of the ears.

Backpacks with wheels should be carried inside the building.